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A.I.M. – The Hunting Party skin has landed at Fortnite’s Flush Factory

The parachute bares the same symbols which can be found on the shoulders of the Hunting Party’s A.I.M. skin. Parachute is likely the method of transport A.I.M. used to enter the Fortnite map, it is unknown whether Epic will expand on this storyline. A.I.M. Scanning area for targets… To solidify this theory, the filename of …

Item Shop November 6th

Here’s the Item Shop for November 6th. Enjoy!

New cosmetics coming to Fortnite Battle Royale

Here’s some sneak peaks from the new cosmetics coming to Fortnite Battle Royale: These should be coming to the item shop soon.


Fortnite Patch v6.21 has went live and huge discoveries are being made in regards to upcoming events and content. Discovered amongst the files are assets for an in-game Butterfly Event, Nexus Structure, and more. It appears the Cube aka Kevin will be blossoming into a Butterfly, or at least that’s the analogy that the developers …

NEW COSMETICS found in new update! Update Patch v6.21

Here’s some more new cosmetics coming soon! Skins Yee-Haw! (Epic) – Giddy-up! Instinct (Rare) – Victory comes naturally. Flapjackie (Epic) – Loves pancakes almost as much as victory. Ruckus (Rare) – Bring the bedlam. Growler (Epic) – This good boy is not afraid to bare his teeth. Spooky Team Leader (Epic) – Find delight in …

Upcoming Cosmetics discovered in Fortnite v6.20 files (Skins, Back Bling, Gliders, Pickaxes, Emotes)

OneSlashGamer here with some leaks on the next patch! Ok, so there are going to be new skins and stuff. Especially on the upcoming Fortnitemares, that skin is kinda cool!

Double Barrel Shotgun and other balancing adjustments hinted for Fortnite v6.0

Epic Games’ Design Lead Eric Williamson has taken to Twitter to announce and tease two upcoming adjustments being made to weaponry in Fortnite Battle Royale. Version 6.0 releases September 27th at 4AM ET. One of the mentioned balancing adjustments is a nerf to the Double Barrel Shotgun. Eric Williamson ✔ @erwil9 Double Barrel effectiveness reduction …

Epic Games to Introduce Custom Controller Bindings in Fortnite Season 6

Fortnite: Battle Royale players will have more controller customization options when Season 6 is released. On September 26, Epic Games took to Reddit to reveal that Custom Bindings will be coming to the title with the release of the V6.0 update. Players will be able to go into their menu and assign tasks to certain …

Fortnite Season 6 Leak Shows Pets and Upcoming Skins

The PlayStation Store has recently leaked the icon for Fortnite’s upcoming sixth season. The icon features a pet dog, the skins from the two previous teasers as full playermodels, and someone riding a Llama. Looks like we’ve got ourselves another season leak. It seems that this time, the PlayStation Store is the culprit. However, the …