Upcoming cosmetics, items and LTMs found in Patch v5.2 files

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Upcoming cosmetics, items and LTMs found in Patch v5.2 files

XDA Developers has recently published their findings of a data-mine into a PAK file of the v5.2 patch which will be coming this week.

“Keep in mind the items we found below are new in this update compared to v5.1. However, they might have been in the game previously and later removed, only to return in this release. Furthermore, Epic will sometimes add these items without actually releasing them, so even though they are in the files they might not actually make it into a live build of the game. Keep this in mind while reading through the list.”

Datamining included cosmetics such as Durrburger Hero, Celestial, Fuzzy Bear Panda, Sushi Chef, and more. You can guess from the names what they’ll end up looking like.

Interestingly, a new Trap has been spotted – the Cage Trap. We’ll assume this locks players in a box for now.

This brings us to the weapons list, which includes two sniper rifles and an all-new shotgun. The Heavy Sniper was rumoured to launch with last week’s patch, but we’ll see if it makes its debut in v5.2. Information has it that this sniper will be able to shoot through walls.

Heavy Sniper (left), Break-barrel Shotgun (right) – Image Source: Fortnite Insider

The Rail Sniper and Break-barrel Shotgun are new additions which may or may not be added with this weeks update. They could be in a later build.

There are many LTMs, but one that stands out is “Taxes”.

This mode encourages tactical combat and building by putting a cap on the amount of resources and ammunition players can carry. Player structures also star with less health than normal.

Stay tuned for an announcement from Epic Games regarding the patch.