Shopping Cart Coming To Fortnite?

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Shopping Cart Coming To Fortnite?

We have a shopping cart coming to Fortnite…

What I Think:

  • Possibly a new “vehicle” coming to Fortnite
  • Store weapons in a new “backpack” system
  • Indestructible (like vending machines)
  • May have the same functions as the vending machine

What I Know:

  • A new message of the day is live in-game that says “Roll into battle alone or with a buddy!”
  • The shopping cart should be available in the next update coming to Fortnite
  • It has wheels
  • The older shopping cart is in the game (might get removed when the new shopping cart comes out)\

There we go, an all-you-can-know buffet of info on the latest. #StayTuned